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Kanagawa Information services industry Association (KIA)

What it is:
Kanagawa Information Services Industry Association (KIA) is:
-The only information services industry organization authorized by Kanagawa Prefecture.
-Incorporated in 1987
-The largest organization of information services companies in Kanagawa, with 338 members (294 regular corporate members and 43 supporting corporate members).
-A Sponsor of events to exchange business information
-A research organization
-A negotiator with government organizations as representative of the information services industry in Kanagawa.
-A contributor to local community through various activities

Chairman Katsuhiko Tsuneyama (President and CEO, Softem CO., Ltd.)

History of KIA
Mar. 1984 Kanagawa Information Processing Industry Association was established with 54 regular corporate members.
Mar. 1987Kanagawa Information Services Industry Association (KIA) was established to replace Kanagawa Information Processing Industry Association, with 105 corporate regular members and 10 supporting members. Akira Fushimi was appointed as the first chairman.
Nov. 1987The Local Information Services Organizations Conference was held. KIA chairman A. Fushimi called the first meeting of six organizations similar to KIA from across Japan ; the conference was held in Hakone.
June 1989All-Nippon Information Industry Association (ANIA) was established with 15 regular member organizations and three special member organizations. KIA chairman A. Fushimi was appointed as first chairman of ANIA.
July 1989The first KIA softball tournament was held; 32 teams participated.
April 1990Kanagawa Information Services Industry Pension Fund was implemented.
June 1992The 9th ANIA conference, "ANIA Kanagawa Forum," was held.
June 1994The 9th International Information Processing Industry Conference was held at Pacifico Yokoyama; many members of KIA attended.
April 1996Shinji Takamura was appointed as the second chairman.
Mar. 1997"Commemorative Ceremony for the 10th Anniversary of KIA " was held.
June 1997We started to research about “Internship Program”
April 1998The first “Open Forum” (Symposium about research of Information services industry technology)was held
June 1999We made an “Environmental declaration” as a result of study group about environmental problems
April 2001We made a working group to create a mid/long-term plan.
April 2002We made a working group to create a mid/long-term plan.
April 2003Noriyoshi Ikeda was appointed as the third chairman. In an organizational restructuring
June 2003The 25th ANIA conference, “ANIA Kanagawa Forum” was held.
June 2006The 20th Celebration of the Foundation of KIA, “Dream Festival 20th” was held.
April 2010Transition to “General Incorporated Association” by the New Public Interest Corporation Law.
June 2013Katsuhiko Tsuneyama was appointed as the forth chairman.

A Wide range of activities
To help management of the members, KIA …

-Holds the following events to help members to exchange information.: General meetings / New Years' business dinners / executives meetings / management seminars, etc.
-Researches issues concerning welfare and shares the results with members.
-Releases recruiting information through websites and holds meetings with schools to support member recruitment.
-Exchanges information and negotiates with Kanagawa Prefecture Office, Yokohama City Office, Kawasaki City Office and other administrative authorities in Kanagawa as the representative of the information services industry.
-Plans and implements seminars for free or at low cost to support members to improve technical level of their staffs.
(Training for freshmen, technology study tours, technology seminars, overseas study tours, correspondence courses)
-Research of advanced technologies and other topics of interest.
(Useware, PCs, public services systems, e-commerce, viruses, environmental problems,internship programs, etc.)

KIA also contributes to local communities by…

-Advising how to facilitate IT infrastructure in local communities.
-Making proposals for information systems suited to the graying of society.

tel: 045 - 316 - 2244 
fax: 045 - 316 - 2246
address: 7A Takuei Yokohama Nishiguchi Build. 30-5 Tsuruyachou Sanchome Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-shi 221-0835 Japan